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Cross-country skiing

Get your boots on and hit the trail

Whether you prefer classic or skating, it is in Zinal, at « le plat de la Lé », that you can get the best workout; but you will also find marked trails of all difficulties elsewhere in Anniviers... And for a little variety, try Vercorin or Grimentz for an outing surrounded by nature ! That is, if an outing at night of 1 ½ km on Zinal’s floodlit track wouldn’t please you more ? 


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19-20th April 2014, Olympiads Games Tsigère la Cohà
That feels the end of season and the huge barbecue in Tsigère Cohà in St-Luc

Simplify your life !

19th April 2014, Waterslide, Grimentz
The concept is simple: The slide is a giant pool of 13 meters long and you must ski across without getting wet

Group lodging