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New 6-man chairlift Stluc/Chandolin

Open on 19 December 2015 – Speed to the top of the St-Luc/Chandolin pistes in comfort and safety.

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In the heart of the ski area in less 6 minutes

Beginning from the winter 2015-2016 season, you can travel on the brand-new "La Forêt" chair lift at St-Luc/Chandolin, with 56 chairs each seating 6 people. This latest-generation lift enables winter sports lovers to speed to the top of the pistes in comfort and safety.

The arrival station is at an altitude of more than 2500 metres, so you'll enjoy an unobstructed view over the whole of the St-Luc/Chandolin skiing area, as well as an unrivalled panoramic view over the highest peaks in the Valais Alps (known as the Couronne Impériale).

Once you've got your skis on, choose your route down to reach one of the two skiing sectors in the area. An extension of the blue piste will take you to St-Luc, otherwise you can head towards Chandolin, passing the arrival point of the "Le Rotzé" chair lift. View the online map of the St-Luc/Chandolin pistes. View the online map of the St-Luc/Chandolin pistes.

The starting point of the chair lift can be reached:

  • on skis, from the arrival point of the St-Luc to Tignousa funicular system
  • by car, using La Forêt's free 150-space car park

Technical features of the lift:

  • Altitude of lower station 1966 m
  • Altitude of upper station 2597 m
  • Horizontal length 1668 m
  • Difference in altitude 631 m
  • Passenger capacity 1600/hour
  • Journey time 5 mins. 56 seconds
  • Number of chairs 56
  • Number of towers 15

Invest in the development of St-Luc/Chandolin

The investment is calculated at 7 million francs. The financing will be assured by a NPR loan, a loan from the Anniviers council and an increase in the share capital.

You therefore have the opportunity to invest in the development of St-Luc/Chandolin. Please find below all the information you need in the share issue prospectus and subscription form.

Share issue prospectus

Subscription form

Download  PDF

Download  PDF