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Mammut Avalanche Training Centre

At the Mammut Avalanche Training Centre in Zinal you will practise locating avalanche victims. Using simulations you will learn how to use the equipment, and test its limits.

The Mammut Avalanche Training Centre is perched at an altitude of 2500 m. Participants learn how to use an avalanche transceiver in a simulated situation. This activity is aimed at off-piste skiers and hikers who want to train under conditions that mirror reality closely.

16 transmitters are buried beneath several metres of snow within an area of 5000 m2, a zone which represents the cone of an avalanche. The trainee actuates the transmitters remotely, by means of an electronic command. One or more transmitters will be actuated completely at random. The trainee then has to locate the imaginary victims with the help of the avalanche transceiver. The final phase involves the avalanche probe. The buried transmitters automatically emit a signal once the probe has been successful.


Periode of activity : Every day during the winter season
Location : To the right of the Tzarmettaz ski lift
Price : Free