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St-Luc Bike Park

500 metres’ height differences, three downhill runs and three difficulty levels, all offering plenty of adrenaline – welcome to the St-Luc Bike Park!

Open from May 30th to November 3rd, 2019

The blue run will be open from May 30. The red and blakc runs will follow soon.

Over 500 vertical metres, 3 freeride downhill trails for 3 different ability levels, a jump area, fun, adrenaline and a funicular railway to take you back up to the top "almost" as quickly as you came down.

  • Blue – beginner; fun, wide and easy trail
  • Red – advanced; more exposed trail, jumps and wooden ramps
  • Black – expert; narrow fast trail in the forest, more technical
  • Bunny Up - jump area with two differents lines

Each bike park trail is equipped with « north-shore » style wooden ramps, banked turns and jumps of different levels for maximum fun. The St-Luc Bike Park offers everyone, according to their ability, the possibility of mastering their technique, whilst enjoying one descent after another and maximizing their enjoyment whilst discovering an exceptionally beautiful wilderness area.



1 dish of the day or veal sausage with fries/salad + 1 drink 3dl

RIDE & EAT IT // CHF 40.00

1 day mountain bike downhill in the Bike Park St-Luc + 1 biker meal

RIDE & SLEEP // CHF 129.00

2 days mountain bike downhill in the Bike Park St-Luc, including 1 overnight in half board, 2 days funicular pass unlimited